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This isn’t an open-party however, and not every application is selected to be part of the Alpha Code. Once you have completed the few simple questions below, you will be contacted by one of our coaches to discuss your application, and determine if you're are a good fit.
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"Prior to being in The Alpha Code I was debilitated with anger and anxiety and I unconsciously sabotage my relationships. Now I feel light, I no longer struggle with anger and anxiety, my relationship is great and I’m a lot happier. It’s been f#cking brilliant!”
Ryan Anson (AUS)
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“Before joining the Alpha Code I was a massive people-pleaser, I struggled badly with anxiety and depression. I tried self-help books, psychiatrists, therapists, you name it. The Alpha Code has given me the opportunity to take my life back. Without The Alpha Code, I don’t know where I would be today.”
Nick Derbish, Account Manager (USA)
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"Having more of a conscious awareness of my personal Alpha Code made the difference in how I manage my thoughts & emotions. I owe so much to this program, it saved me. "
Jim Burns, Lieutenant colonel US Army (USA)
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"The Alpha Code did more for me in 12 weeks than 6 different psychologists, therapists and counsellors could in 3 years."
Henri Van Den Heuvel, Technical consultant (NL)
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“I used to feel unworthy and lack genuine confidence, I would self sabotage and struggle with addictions. Since being inside The Alpha Code I have more meaningful fulfilment and positivity in all areas of my life. I am also now a better father and a better husband. It’s been super positive!”
Nathaniel Spenser, Businessman (AUS)
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“This 12-week program completely changes who you are. It completely blew my mind. Looking back to who I was and who I am now I’m like, “f*ck me, I’m a completely different person”.
Oliver Jenkinson, Founder Thynk Consulting (AUS)
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