Justin Dulihanty

"You'll soon learn that your pain is an unrealised gift in disguise, it allows us to recreate a version of ourselves we never thought was possible"
My name is Justin Dulihanty, I’m the founder of the Alpha Code Academy.

I am one of the boy’s, a normal guy/dude/fella/knock-about kinda bloke with an unrelenting dedication and a deep passion to help you truly build a healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of self so that you can thrive in all areas of your life.

I grew up with deep insecurities and lacked confidence and genuine self-worth, I wrestled with the inner voice telling me “I’m not good enough, not worthy, not deserving, not loveable”.

Throughout my journey, I’ve struggled through learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, and hypochondria. I battled through multiple panic attacks daily and even considered suicide at my lowest point.

I’ve behaved in ways to ensure people liked, accepted, approved and even feared me, all so I could feel a sense of significance or worth about myself.

I’ve lost myself in relationships with abusive, manipulative and disloyal partners, and found myself through deep self-exploration and dedication to daily, diligent self-work.

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and racked up hundreds of hours on personal development in the hope of discovering a remedy for my pain and inner torment. Along the way, I have discovered tools which assisted in building the man I am proud to be today, which I now hand over to the students inside The Alpha Code Academy so they can fast-track what took me decades to achieve.

My gruelling journey gave me a gift - a vision that was unveiled to bridge the gap between insecure, self-shaming, weak guys and becoming emotionally developed, confident, self-assured men who can operate from their own code and inner authority. This vision led me to develop a way for men to take their lives back and turn their pain into power, through a potent pathway known as The Alpha Code.


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